May 7, 2022 - Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival

May 7, 2022 - Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival

I had the pleasure of participating in this year's Carolina Beach Street Arts Festival which was held at the Carolina Beach Lake Park. 

All I can say is -- WOW! This event was so fun and the energy was so AMAZING -- I can't even tell you. The volunteers who put on the show work so hard and made it effortless for the vendors to showcase and sell our creations -- truly appreciate them!

It was a bit windy later in the afternoon, so we did have to pack up early -- but I had an amazing day -- in so many ways!  I sold out more than 1/2 of my inventory -- which I was amazed about and truly grateful for. Visitors were commenting that they were drawn into my booth because the fish made them smile and feel happy -- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Bragging Time -- My granddaughter Olivia had a little table set up to invite kids to paint sea-themed magnets for free -- to support and promote ARTS! She's so special, talented and creative (she's my creative spirit animal!) AND she had a great time helping the little ones paint.

If you didn't get to go this year -- I would HIGHLY recommend attending next year; you won't regret it.

Lastly, a special thanks to my amazing FAMILY and FRIENDS who came to support (from near and far), painted some fish (to get my inventory up), got up early on a Saturday, run and got us breakfast, helped me set up and man my booth and just be amazingly upbeat and positive during this new adventure (this was my first "in person" show/market).

Until next time...don't forget to Live in Color!

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