About Us

I started painting for fun and relaxation as well as a way for me to fuel my need to create. Family and friends were commenting that they loved the uniqueness and design of the fish I was painting (my first creations) and that I should consider selling them...and here we are! I hope you appreciate the fun and whimsy of these art pieces that I truly love making...and I hope they make you SMILE!

YES! You can buy items DIRECTLY from my website and Etsy (PS - There are items here (my website) that you can't get there (Etsy))! Also, any items you may be interested in that are listed as "special order" -- click the "Contact Us" button, fill out the form and let me know what you would like!

Custom Orders - NO PROBLEM! Click the Contact Us button at the top of the page to get the conversation started; let's collaborate! I can make any fish with any design that you want.

Fun fact - Each fish I paint is named because they each have a personality that comes to life!

~Debbie Van Niman, Owner/Artist